Conference on Geosharing in Bern

Be invited to participate in the interdisciplinary scientific workshop “Sharing Geospatial Data - the key to successful interdisciplinary and international collaboration” to be held in Bern, October 31th – November 2nd, 2013.

The use of geospatial data has seen an unprecedent growth over the last decades. It offers a unique potential to analyze and visualize complex spatio-temporal interactions and hence represents an integral part for many disciplines. As a consequence, the importance of methodological and practical knowledge in geospatial data management has increased accordingly: It is considered the key to efficient and successful interdisciplinary and international collaboration.


The workshop aims at providing an interdisciplinary platform to present and learn about best practise rules for geospatial data exchange, metadata tools and archiving facilities. You can see all details and the full programme at

geOps is happy to hold a training session on the use of Cartaro for the management and sharing of geospatial data.