Cartaro Beta 4 Released

Cartaro is progressing steadily and we've recently packed the beta 4 release. It features updates to many dependencies and fine tuning.

Since the first beta release Cartaro has seen lots of work under the hood resulting in a smoother overall experience. This includes updates to many components Cartaro is based on, brings PostGIS 2.0 compatibility as well as improvements to Cartaro itself.

The most notable changes from the user perspective are the recently added layer assistant and support for more projections. The Layer Assistant takes a search query and proposes external data sources as building blocks for your maps. Beside this it is able to parse map service descriptions and takes care of many tedious setup steps.

We have extended the support for projections in Cartaro meaning that you can now save your geometry in any spatial reference system and overlay them on top of raster layers. However due to restrictions in the Drupal OpenLayers module you are still limited to the WGS84 and Google Transverse Mercator as projections used for display of your maps.

Vector rendering has seen improvements namely the addition of different strategies to load geometries.

The front-end developers amongst you might be happy to notice that the Zen template now serves as base theme for that it provides state of the art HTML output.

Your feedback enabled us the pace so please keep it coming and notify us of any remaining issues. Thank you very much for helping us to make Cartaro a polished mapping platform.